Chapter 01
Chapter No/1
Inside the DARI Furniture Factory

We sat down with our Furniture Production & Operations Manager at DARI, to explain the in-depth operations of the state-of-the-art furniture production factory located in the heart of Malta. We at DARI Furniture are setting new standards in both furniture design and manufacturing with a world-class showroom and a recently launched fully automated, panel furniture production facility, located in Qormi.

Chapter No/2
Functionality Meets Design:
A New Chapter for Furniture in Malta

Home can mean many different things to different people. For Jennifer Apap Brown, Creative Director for DARI, home is like a human being; each room fulfils a different function that is necessary for the wellbeing of the whole organism.

Jenifer Apap Brown
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Chapter No/3
DARI Collaborates with Local Designers to
Launch 3 Exclusive Collections

Launched in 2021, the team has collaborated with three renowned local designers and architecture firms to create their Designer Collections under the DARI brand. The featured designers include A Collective, Valentino Architects and Tom Van Malderen, who were guided by DARI’s creative director, Jennifer Apap Brown, to create their exclusive lines of furniture that align with their concept.

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