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February 02, 2022
We sat down with our Furniture Production & Operations Manager at DARI, to explain the in-depth operations of the state-of-the-art furniture production factory located in the heart of Malta. We at DARI Furniture are setting new standards in both furniture design and manufacturing with a world-class showroom and a recently launched fully automated, panel furniture production facility, located in Qormi.

A rich history

The parent company, SAW, has a long history and over 30 years of experience in the large scale furniture contracting industry.  In keeping with this tradition, a new brand, DARI, was launched in 2020 with the sole vision of bringing this same high level of craft and design aesthetic to homes all over Malta, with its range of kitchens, bedroom furniture, living rooms, occasional furniture, and other designer collections.

With increased customer demand for quality furniture without having the wait of long lead times, and produced locally with great aesthetics,  DARI hired the top industry consultants to investigate Industry 4.0 production setup options for the Malta-based factory. After extensive research, DARI settled on a world-leading German company with an impressive track record and tried and tested automation and quality control machinery lines that could be seamlessly paired with their design aesthetic.

The end result in terms of production output aligned with DARI’s vision of creating and manufacturing locally-made furniture, using sustainable focussed and innovatively advanced manufacturing methodologies, in the most efficient manner possible.

The DARI furniture collections

The process of choosing your kitchen, bedroom, living room furniture, or hand-selected furniture pieces all starts with a trip to the spacious and extensive showroom in Qormi. The collection of DARI furniture available is the culmination of the experience of the in-house design teams (DARI collections), along with collaborations with leading designers such as Valentino Architects (Dell Kitchen), Tom Van Malderen (DRITT Collection of tables and shelving), and A Collective (Salini Bedroom Collection).


The first step to achieving your dream interior

When you enter the DARI showroom you’ll be impressed with the top of the range, quality furniture displayed and the gadget options such as pullout systems, sensor lighting, and rotating TV brackets to name but a few, available for your furniture. At inception, the sales team will understand your needs and based on this the team will talk you through the vast range of customisable options available, via the advanced 3D modelling software platform.  

Browse the range of collections available to suit your design aesthetic and budget, customisable to demonstrate your individual taste, size, and room layout preference.

Once you have made your final selection and the order is placed, your personal project manager will take over the logistics of your order. An on-site survey visit is organised to confirm measurements, and final tweaks made on the platform which then automatically syncs with the in-house production team as well as the factory production line.

Furniture manufactured in Malta

The manufacturing process starts with the automatic syncing of the final design and measurements selected and agreed upon with you, with the software that automates the running of the production line. Each item has a unique identifying code that is assigned to every piece of every item in an order. This ensures that parts are correctly manufactured, organised, stored, and finally assembled into the complete kitchen, wardrobe, or living units, without any errors. This unique identifying number also assists with the replacement of panels if required at a later date.

Each piece manufactured follows 3 automatic manufacturing processes on the production line; (1) cutting, (2) edging, and (3) drilling.  After steps (1) and (2) each panel finds itself in an automatic panel storage system, 9 meters in height and handling over 800 pieces, each piece is stored according to its unique code. Once ready for assembly, the pieces are transported for process (3), drilling, and then finally collated on storage crates and transferred to the assembly team. 

Almost all items are delivered to customers fully assembled.  The automated production line for steps (1) to (3) only requires 3 operators, with little manual intervention in the production process. Output and quality are fully optimised with little to no downtime.

Commitment to sustainable production

Whilst efficiency and productivity are core to DARI, as is sustainability. Materials are sourced from certified providers in Europe who adhere to the strictest sourcing of materials policies and with the highest quality output. In addition, the production line operates on a zero-waste principle. 

The software optimises production to operate on a minimum wastage principle in keeping with DARI’s principle of reduce, re-use, and recycle. Hence, each item is manufactured to use the least amount of panels. Offcuts are labelled as stock items and stored to be used for the production of other parts. Whilst small offcuts are crushed and siloed, to be used by other industries. No material waste is generated. 

The delivery promise

From order and final drawings confirmation to the installation of a finished kitchen, living units, or customised walk-in wardrobe is 6-8 weeks. Far shorter than lead times from other providers and with the added benefits of localisation. Should a part be damaged unintentionally during installation, a replacement can be manufactured on the same day. Demonstrating DARI’s commitment to both style and function, delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

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