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1. Book an Appointment

Book an

The first step in your journey
is booking an appointment
with a member of our team.
This can be done directly
through our website. Indicate
your preferred date and time
and we will get back to you
with an appointment.
2. Meet Our Team

Meet our

When attending your appointment,
our team will ask you a few
questions about your needs,
preferences and space, to help
them understand exactly what you
are looking for and provide a
personalised furniture solution.


Based on the information provided
during the consultation, our team
will create an initial sketch of your
furniture based on what you’re
looking for and the shape and size
of your space.
4. Implement Design Changes

Implement design

You can take your time to go
through the designs that have been
created for your space. Now is the time
to ask for any changes or
further suggestions. Once you’re
happy with the designs, you’ll be
asked to confirm your choice.
5. Approve Quote


The finalised designs will be shared 
along with a precise quotation for
your furniture. Once this is approved,
your order will be sent to our factory
in order to begin processing it.

6. Manufacturing Begins


After your order is processed, the
factory will begin manufacturing the
products based on your designs.
This will take between six to eight
weeks, after which your furniture
will be ready!

7. Delivery Installation

Delivery &

Once your order is complete, it will
be sent out for delivery directly to
your home address. Your furniture
will be installed on-site upon arrival.


Following successful installation,
your order will be complete and
your furniture will be ready to use!

8. Order Complete

Interested in seeing more? Get in touch and we'll walk you through the rest!


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