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DARI’s living range provides more than just a living unit. It offers a variety of personalised units, including those with TVs, fireplaces and library systems, which can be personalised to fit any type of home. Whether you’re looking for stand-alone pieces, minimal shelving systems, or eye-catching furniture, each item can be modified in terms of shape and finishes to perfectly enhance the distinct features of your living space.

Fireplace TV Units

TV Units

Transform your living space with DARI’s TV units that offer a modular design, perfectly adaptable to every style of home. These versatile units are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with any interior decor, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. With their personalisable and modular nature, you have the freedom to create a TV unit that perfectly suits your living space and personal taste. From sleek and minimalist designs to more elaborate configurations, DARI’s modular TV units provide a range of options to accommodate your entertainment needs.


Immerse yourself in a haven of knowledge and elegance with DARI’s Library Systems. These systems are designed to transform your living space into a sophisticated sanctuary for book lovers. With carefully crafted shelves, storage compartments, and display areas, DARI’s
Library Systems provide an organised and visually appealing solution for showcasing your book collection, decorative items, and cherished memorabilia.

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