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Bringing Local Furniture Designs to Life

New chapters begin when change is introduced. This is why at DARIOur Home’ in Maltesewe set out to produce a new line of furniture that stands out, merging local creative designs with innovative production techniques.

Lying at the intersection between practical, functional and elegant, we bring local designs to life using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and sustainable materials. Our aim is to give you joy and fulfilment in the three main areas of your home: kitchen, living/dining, and bedroom spaces.  

Your local furniture partner.

Each of our designs pivot on one key element: you. Everything is inspired by your habits, how you live and interact with your surroundings and the ever-changing spatial requirements and desires of modern-day living. Doing so allows us to create furniture that is modular, scalable, flexible, and adaptablebringing real value to your space.   

From kitchens to bedrooms, to living and dining areas—our collections are designed, engineered, and manufactured locally. Everything is produced using the highest quality durable panels, without compromising on sustainability and flexibility.

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⁄Innovative Technology

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From classic styles to contemporary designs, discover a range of stylish and functional kitchens and kitchen furniture from the DARI Kitchen Collection. 


Make the most of your space with a selection of versatile bedroom furniture, modular components, and accessories from the DARI Bedroom Collection.   


Explore a variety of minimal designs that stand out from the DARI Living Collection, adding character to your living and dining space.   

By collaborating with local designers, architects, and creatives, we are proud to present a series of collections for your kitchen, bedroom, and living spaces. Discover our unique Designer Collections, meticulously created by local creatives including Valentino Architects, A Collective, and Tom Van Malderen.  

The Designer Collection

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