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Aug 13, 2022
The process of furniture shopping is much like buying a new car. This seat doesn’t look comfortable, is it fully reclining? Does this car have sensors for parking or will I crash my bumper in the neighbour’s driveway again? Or colours! White might be beautiful, but the tiniest scratch will be evident. Do we really want to hit that road? There are just too many questions, too many options to keep count of. You will need someone there with you, a reliable source to get advice from, before making a decision that will be part of your everyday life for a long time!

The result won’t always be exactly the same as what you saw in the brochure. But an adaptation of your favourite model (with additional features! because seriously, who doesn’t love to personalise their belongings according to their needs?) may turn out to be not only something unexpected but practically a better fit.

This could mean switching your two-door vehicle to a four-door one or simply choosing your favourite colour for your purchase. The idea is that you can tweak your buying until you get to sit in your comfy, fully reclining seat, with the wind blowing in your hair from the sunroof that you’ve always wanted! Sounds fascinating?

Well, trust us, furniture shopping isn’t that different.

When fantasizing about your first home, the place you can finally call yours – whether you are buying a new property, refurbishing an existing one, or dreaming up about that specific marble island for the kitchen that you’ve seen in a movie once and immediately fell in love with – the choices are so numerous that can seem overwhelming.

At the start, you might find yourself torn between a couple of options.

On one hand, there is standard ‘off-the-shelf’ imported furniture. Fixed modules and sizes, which may not only be a mismatch for your needs but may not fit with your room dimension! No one wants to bump their little toe on the nightstand’s corner that sticks out because it’s 5cm longer than it was expected to be.

On the other hand, fully customised, made-to-measure furniture. Which not only comes with a much longer delivery time (and let me assure you, you will probably have changed your mind on that nightstand three times before it’s even delivered), but also doesn’t allow you to see how your final product will look like before committing to the purchase. And I’m sure we all agree that the true beauty of designing your new home project is to have the chance to picture in your mind the whole scenario.

This is why at DARI, we have introduced the personalised furniture concept. We provide step-by-step guidance to help you choose the best furniture solutions for your home, offering personalised designs to perfectly fit your space.

So, what is the difference between customised and personalised furniture? Because they definitely sound similar.

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Personalisation vs Customisation in furniture design

There’s a common misconception that customised furniture is the same as the personalised one.

Drawing back to the car analogy, customisation would mean building a car design from scratch for every-single-customer. It refers to creating a unique design for a specific purpose. It requires prototyping to ensure functionality, but as you might’ve guessed by now, it can be not only a long and draining process, but a truly expensive exercise to be carried out properly.

Personalised furniture, on the other hand, is the ability to tailor preapproved furniture designs to suits your tastes and requirements without any worries of quality or design being compromised. By opting for personalised furniture, you’re able to adapt your ideas by choosing from a great set of options.

This will give you the desired ‘tailor-made’ feel without affecting the efficiency of the products and, moreover, your pocket.

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How does DARI personalise furniture?

Do you want your kitchen cupboard to be wider rather than deeper? Let’s do it.

Do you want sliding doors for your wardrobe rather than usual closet ones? We’re on it.

Your child is a natural climber but has broken down all your furniture just by trying to reach up the goodie bag in the top shelf? Well, let’s increase the thickness of the shelves then. We cannot stop him from climbing on your new kitchen, but at least let’s be sure he’ll do it in safety and you won’t have to worry about replacing your new furniture.

You can personalise every model presented online or in our showroom to reflect your needs and style. You can adjust cupboard heights, swap out drawers for more shelving, add in accessories and much more. Or talking colours, are you a greyscale person or would you rather be surrounded by a spring of different chromatic choices? No worries, because we’ve got them all.

Long story short, for personalisation we mean that we won’t engrave your initials on your wardrobe, but we will make it tailored for you.

Exactly how you want it and precisely how you need it.

The Personalisation Process - It's not what but how

During your first appointment, after the due introductions and a nice coffee, we will try to get to know a bit more about you, your concepts and your ideas. On those foundations, we will develop a personalised design that not only fits your space, but your personality as well.

For instance, you already know that you would like a double panelled wardrobe for your bedroom. But how would you like it? Your addiction to belt-shopping still holds strong to you? Well, you might want to add another drawer for them, before your partner throws them away for good or uses them to make you toe the line (trust us, better be safe than sorry).

Once all the main ideas are gathered, we will send you an initial sketch, to help you visualise the furniture in your soon-to-be new home. Then we will give you the time you need to make changes, implement different designs, adjust and re-adjust every detail until you will be sure of what you want but most importantly of how you want it.

Once you’ll be confident in your choices, the personalised furniture designs will be sent to our in-house factory to begin production. Your furniture will be ready for delivery and installation between six to eight weeks later.

Which, if you think about it, it’s still less than it took your partner to choose their outfit for that wedding, a couple of months ago.

At DARI, we always aim for the excellence.

Every home is unique, just like its owners. We’re dedicated to helping our customers maximise their spaces and finding a balance between functionality and aesthetic. 

If you’d like to learn more about our services, book an appointment with a member of our team. We will walk you through all your options and while sipping a nice coffee, we will help you create the home you have always dreamed of.

Book an appointment today to start your journey of owning a piece of DARI in your home today.


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