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Aug 13, 2022

The process of furniture shopping is much like buying a new car; the model you choose needs to feel comfortable, fulfil your needs and suit your lifestyle perfectly. But how often does a car come complete with all the accessories you need? Most often, you’ll discuss your options exhaustively and get advice from reliable sources before making your decision. The result won’t always be exactly the same as what you saw in the brochure, but an adaptation of your favourite model with additional features will be better suited to your requirements. Whether this means switching your two-door vehicle to a four-door one, choosing your favourite colour for your car, adding in parking sensors or opting for a sunroof, the idea is that you can tweak your purchase until you get the perfect result for you.

Well, furniture shopping isn’t too different. When designing your first home, refurbishing an existing property, or dreaming up your ideal interiors, the choices can seem overwhelming. At the start, customers are often torn between two options that leave little room for flexibility in between. On the one hand, there is standard ‘off-the-shelf’ imported furniture – with fixed modules and sizes – which may not be a precise match for their needs or room dimensions. On the other hand, fully customised, made-to-measure furniture comes with a much longer delivery time, and customers can’t see what their final product will look like before committing to the purchase.

This is why at DARI, we have introduced the personalised furniture concept. We provide step-by-step guidance to help you choose the best furniture solutions for your home, offering personalised designs to fit your space. So, what is the difference between customised and personalised furniture?

by Sean Mallia

Customisation vs Personalisation in Furniture Design

There’s a common misconception that customised furniture is the same as personalised furniture. In fact, customers walking into the DARI showroom often ask about the former service, when they should really be thinking about the latter.

Customisation refers to the process of creating a unique design for a specific purpose. Customised furniture requires prototyping to ensure suitability, practicality and design concept all work together in harmony which can be a long and costly exercise to be carried out correctly. Drawing back to the car analogy, this would mean building a car design from scratch for every single customer.

Personalised furniture, on the other hand, is the ability to tailor preapproved and tested furniture designs to suits one’s tastes, requirements and location perfectly without any worries of quality or design being compromised.

As you can imagine, customised products involve much more planning and research to produce a one-off item. Such designs would therefore take longer to create and be more expensive than store-bought alternatives. By opting for personalised furniture, you’re able to adapt your designs by choosing from a pre-defined set of options, giving you the desired ‘tailor-made’ feel without compromising on affordability and efficiency.


Personalised 4
by Sean Mallia

How does DARI Personalise Furniture?

A quick browse of the DARI collections for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces on our website gives customers an overview of what we offer, but the options don’t end here.

Every model presented online or in our showroom can be personalised to reflect your needs and individual style. This means you can adjust cupboard heights, swap out drawers for more shelving, increase or decrease the thickness of your shelves, add in accessories and much more.

Moreover, you can choose the colours and finishes for your DARI furniture from a wide selection that features everything from minimal and wood-effect designs to brightly coloured laminates.

Personalised 5
by Sean Mallia

The Personalisation Process

During your first appointment, a member of our team will be able to provide a more personalised design that fits your space and your needs after getting to know a bit more about you. You’ll then receive an initial sketch created by one of the DARI team members to help you visualise the furniture in your own space, and any feedback you provide at this stage will be implemented into the design.

Take your time to review the changes and once you confirm your choice, the personalised furniture designs will be sent to our in-house factory to begin production. Your furniture will be ready for delivery and installation between six to eight weeks later!

Personalised 6
by Sean Mallia

At DARI, We Won’t Settle for Second Best

Every home is unique, just like its owners. We’re dedicated to helping our customers maximise their space in a way that feels right, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic design of their furniture.


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