DARI Collaborates with Local Designers to Launch Three Exclusive Collections

May 27, 2022

Furniture brand DARI brings sustainable Made-in-Malta furniture to the local market for the first time. DARI is the latest furniture brand to open its doors in Malta, introducing a new and fresh concept to the local market. Launched in 2021, the team has collaborated with three renowned local designers and architecture firms to create their Designer Collections under the DARI brand. The featured designers include A Collective, Valentino Architects and Tom Van Malderen, who were guided by DARI’s creative director, Jennifer Apap Brown, to create their exclusive lines of furniture that align with their concept.

“With DARI, we want to instil a feeling of pride that celebrates our local talent and products. We are combining the artistic, practical and technical aspects of product design to offer a timeless yet current selection of furniture products for the local market,” says Jennifer.

“This is why we want to focus on collaborating with local designers to offer unique collections, in addition to our own DARI range.”

When creating the in-house collection, Jennifer considered modularity and functionality to be two key elements in the design process. Offering a good range of standard ergonomic dimensions and finishes, the collection resulted in a range of products that can adapt to fit in all types of homes, from compact apartments to luxury villas, while being personalisable in terms of colours and accessories.

Through these designer collaborations, the brand goes a step beyond what is currently available on the local market. Each designer created a unique series of furniture items that meet the production requirements of the DARI factory, while also adding a layer of creativity and luxury to the design.

Dari collaborates 1
by Vizwali

The Salini bedroom by A Collective, for example, is inspired by the natural shapes of the Salini Saltpans. Using smooth edges and concealed compartments throughout the bedroom, the Salini model creates a space of pure calm and relaxation that reflects the serenity of the Salini Saltpans.

dari collaborates 2
by Vizwali

On the contrary, in the dell kitchen model by Valentino Architects, the designers highlight the sharp edges that are formed by the panels to present a neat, modular and functional kitchen layout based on the ‘chiaroscuro’ effect.

dari collaborates 3
by Julian Vassallo

Finally, Tom Van Malderen’s driTT collection takes a creative approach to the straight lines that can be produced within the DARI factory. The collection features tables and a shelving system that can be modified to complement any space and individual style.

“All of the products from the DARI and Designer collections have been created with the end-user in mind,” says Jennifer. “We want to give our customers the opportunity to have a locally manufactured and designed product that meets the highest international standards for quality, design and sustainability!”

At its core, DARI represents a new chapter for the Maltese Islands. The brand’s furniture is developed in their factory based in Qormi, using high-quality and sustainable wooden panels produced from 100% recycled materials. The DARI processing plant uses state-of-the-art machinery that automatically cuts, sorts and assembles panels according to the product designs. By opting to produce furniture products locally instead of importing ready-made items, the carbon footprint of each piece of furniture is also reduced significantly. Moreover, single-use plastics have been eliminated from the supply chain and natural energy and lighting are used to contribute to the running of the DARI factory.


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