Bringing Sustainable Furniture to the Maltese Market

Nov 02, 2022
What if we told you that you can have that beautifully designed coffee table that would perfectly suits your living room, and help the planet at the same time? How cool would it be if while you browse websites looking for ideas for your new home, you didn’t have to feel guilty about how your purchase will affect the environment?

We understand that being eco-friendly when designing your ideal home can be a tricky task. But as consumers become increasingly more aware of the carbon footprint that tags along with their purchases, ‘fast furniture’ brands become less attractive. 

The main question then becomes: how can you build the home of your dreams, while still keeping in mind the environment? No worries, we’ve got your back. 

No, we won’t suggest you gather old furniture from your acquaintances. And all your refurbishment can be done, while still avoiding questionable brands, which are most likely located in the farthest area of the globe and made by who-knows-who and who-knows-how.

At DARI, green is not only one of the hundreds of colours that you will find in our palette but a real and active choice. From sourcing materials to the delivery of the products, our aim is to provide beautifully designed and environmentally friendly furniture.

Basically, something green that doesn’t leave you in red.

Why is Made-in-Malta Furniture more Sustainable?

We had many ideas in mind when we sat on our meeting board and started discussing on how to make furniture more sustainable. Firstly, we are always proud to remind you, DARI’s furniture is all made in Malta. The longest ship we have to deal with on the Maltese territory is from Qormi to Gozo, which counts about 40km. Safe to say, our carbon footprint is automatically lower than any other company that imports furniture products. It would take much more energy to ship any other product from overseas. Plus, being a local factory, it requires way less packaging for delivery. 

It doesn’t mean we will be able to carry all your drawers wrapped in a thin foil in the trunk of our electric cars, but if we can cut the packaging by 60% it’s a win-win solution both for the environment and our conscience.  

Investing in Energy-efficient Technology

If you think about it, the best investment you could do when purchasing something is to buy an article that you’re sure will pass the most difficult challenge: time

This is exactly what we, at DARI, had in mind when we invested in the latest technology in order to not only maximize timing and energy efficiency throughout the production process but also to create high-quality finished products for your home, which won’t need a replacement for any time soon. Long-lasting products are the best investment you could do to be sustainable, and it’s exactly what you will find at DARI. 

If you’re still unsure, just a reminder that all the money you’ll save from not having to replace cheap items in a short span of time, will allow you to save up money to spend on that trip to Bali that you’ve always wanted to do.

If you want to know more about our sustainable factory, click here.

Using Sustainable Materials

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sustainability is material. At DARI, materials are just the start of our eco-friendly journey. 

Our company imports materials from FSC-Certified suppliers in Italy and Germany. These materials are then automatically sorted by our factory, in the most efficient way to create furniture with minimal cutoff material.

Any of this unused cutoff is then placed into a material cutter to create chana. This is then sent to local farmers to be used as animal bedding, and looking at the funny side of it, probably there’s already a bit of DARI furniture in your house if you have pets with you. 

The spraying booths that we use for our panels have a fully-filtered system and this means that no harmful chemicals are emitted to the atmosphere we are planning to move soon towards a more water-based spray system. Lastly, we have decided to minimize single-use plastic by replacing it with cardboard.

Sustainable by Design

The concept of sustainability is rooted in DARI’s ethos, and the beautiful island we live on has helped us tremendously in keeping up with our sustainability standards. We have the fortune to work and live in what is known to be the sunniest place in Europe, which averages about 3000 hours of sunshine a year: wouldn’t be foolish of us not to take advantage of that, while helping the environment? 

This is the reason why DARI’s building uses a northern-light roof approach. The slanted windows on one side of the building help spread natural light and air ventilation and the PV panels on the rooftop harvest solar energy, which contributes to over 10% of our total energy usage.

During the colder months, the heat produced by our machines is directed inwards through the vents to heat up the space, and we can assure you that sometimes looks like the Caribbeans down in the factory. Don’t be surprised if you find our employees sunbathing during their break.

In areas where additional light is needed, we use the most sustainable lighting available on the market. We also considered a second chance of using one of those bicycles that generate energy if you ride them. We unanimously agreed that we wanted to be environmentally friendly, but our positive feelings towards the well-being of the planet didn’t manage to change our negative ones against the gym. So, we opted for alternative eco-friendly methods such as collecting rainwater in our reservoir to be used for daily needs, and lastly, getting rid of any plastic water bottles, as at DARI we use reverse osmosis throughout the whole building.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is tied to our sustainability practices. Beside offering them the chance to get a natural tan throughout the whole year, several green pockets can be found throughout our premises, including an internal office courtyard with a 200-year-old olive tree at its core. 

We take every precaution necessary to minimize on-site injuries and we have invested in the latest machinery on the market to ensure staff safety. 

Orders and Delivery

When placing your order with DARI, we always suggest you opt for digital quotes and renders instead of printed ones, and the same happens throughout the whole process of the sale. If unlikely, one our product is damaged, we can easily identify it by using its unique barcode and reproduce just the piece that is needed.  We want to avoid any waste when possible.

The Future of DARI

As DARI evolves, board-level decisions are always made with sustainability in mind. 

Our team continues to invest in the most efficient machinery and sustainable materials for our factory. We’re committed to providing you with eco-friendly options, to help you build the house of your dream while caring about the home that all of us share: our planet. 

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