Furniture that Stands the Test of Time
(and Children!)

August 30, 2023

Inside DARI’s Latest ‘Durable Furniture’ Campaign

We’ve all been there; dreams of a pristine house, surfaces kept tidy at all times, and furniture being used only for what it was originally intended. But if you’ve ever dreamed of having a perfectly well-kept house, the chances are that those ideals went out of the window once you actually started living in it. As children or pets come along, and your family grows, your house turns into a home that carries its own unique ambience that cannot be emulated anywhere else. Even the queen of tidying up herself, Marie Kondo, recently admitted that she’s given up on keeping her home in tip-top shape. Let’s face it, young children and the perfect home don’t often co-exist.

But what if there was a way to child-proof your home?

We’re not talking about keeping your kids confined to their rooms, or restricting their time to play and get creative. Rather than swimming against the tide, at DARI, we believe that our homes should be designed to fit around our lives, no matter how calm or chaotic they may be. Because, if we’re lucky, life will have periods of both quiet and wild times, and our homes will be there to witness them all.

Through excellent quality materials and clever design, we can create an environment where children can be children, without causing the parents to have a nervous breakdown every time they see their young ones standing up on the kitchen counter or climbing into their wardrobe.

Dari Furniture that Stands the Test of Time 2

Introducing: Durable Furniture — A Campaign by DARI

We can talk for hours about the strength and durability of our furniture. But instead of telling you, we’ve decided to show you. We recruited some of DARI’s most energetic (read: uncontrollable) children and let them roam free around our showroom to really put our furniture to the test.

As you can imagine, they took this job very seriously. From climbing into kitchen drawers, to hosting important sibling meetings on the kitchen table — DARI’s children wanted to make sure that we weren’t bluffing. Rails were pulled, and shelves were stood on. No stones were left unturned. After all the inspections were thoroughly completed, the children reported that our furniture was, in fact, child-proof.

Speaking about the thought behind the design of DARI’s furniture, Showroom Manager Dave Hosken explained: “Each of our designs pivots on one key element: you. Everything is inspired by your habits, how you live and interact with your surroundings and the ever-changing spatial requirements and desires of modern-day living. Doing so allows us to create furniture that is modular, scalable, flexible, and adaptable — bringing real value to your space.”

Smooth, Silent and Sleek: What makes DARI’s furniture so durable?

Every element of DARI’s furniture centres on functionality. What’s the point of having the most gorgeous cupboards if they’re going to break the first time a child slams their doors shut? And why invest in so much storage space if the drawers can’t even withstand the weight of your cat?

Our sleek drawer systems are designed to maximise flexibility and efficiency in your furniture. Their streamlined design makes them user-friendly for both adults and children and they can be used in different spaces, from kitchen drawers to bedroom components. The variety of materials and colours available allows you to personalise your furniture to suit your tastes, your family, and your home. 

When it comes to cupboards, the last thing you want is for your children to be slamming doors shut (they might hurt themselves… and hurt your furniture too.) Our beautifully silent hinges provide a safe alternative to traditional hinges, as cupboards can close almost on their own, without making a sound.

And now, we know that rails aren’t intended for children to swing from… but we were all young once. So, our aluminium rails are strong enough to bear the load of a small child, perfectly coordinated to fit into your wardrobe.

Dari Furniture that Stands the Test of Time 1

About DARI’s Durable Furniture

While taking your children furniture shopping with you so that they can test the strength of each table may be frowned upon by many showrooms, there are other factors that you can consider when choosing furniture. These include the country of manufacturing, delivery timeframes and after-sales service.

At DARI, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of locally-made furniture products designed to suit Maltese homes. When designing DARI’s furniture collections, we wanted to create something that is functional while also being attractive. Yes, furniture must be durable and strong, but it is also meant to add a certain ‘when you feel it, you’ll know’ feeling to your space. From contemporary designs to more traditional styles, our furniture collections provide you with the freedom to create your own dream home with the possibility of personalising your chosen models to adapt to your preferences and needs.

Dari Furniture that Stands the Test of Time 4

All our furniture is Made in Malta in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This helps us keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, which aligns with our sustainability goals. Being a local company also means that our delivery timelines are kept short, and we are able to stick to our own timelines.

Most importantly, however, we’re here to help even after your furniture is delivered. Our customer service team can assist you with any queries that arise after your furniture arrives.

Interested in learning more? Visit our showroom in Qormi and we’ll guide you through every step.

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