Introducing dell, Designed by Valentino Architects

November 30, 2022

Hello humans! It’s DARI speaking, and we’re here to introduce you to our new Designer Collection: dell, designed by Valentino Architects.

First things first, we must admit that we are lucky to live in a time when we can design a home according to our unique tastes and wildest dreams. You really do not have to conform anymore to a standardised view of a kitchen whose style remained the same ever since 2006 and call it a *design*.

When Valentino Architects, the design-led architecture studio-based in Valletta, guided us through the new collection they developed for DARI, they asked us to sit back, relax, and use our imagination. So we suggest you do the same!

If we all take a small step back, set our time machine to the early 2000s, and walk into any average Maltese apartment, we will probably find some kind of Faux Tuscan kitchen which -let’s be honest- might have had its appeal back in the days, but it left us scarred for life.

Therefore, when gathering ideas, they wanted to ensure that their design could embrace both functionality and Pinterest-like aesthetics, by incorporating elements of luxury and comfort.

Introducing dell 1 1
by Vizwali

What is it you’re asking?

A design that, if properly combined and personalised, could suit both a Lawyer and a TikToker.

They wanted their kitchens to look familiar to us, and close to our roots. For this reason, they took a deep dive into Maltese architecture and its characteristics. Or at least, Maltese architecture before The Crane Era.

Tired of flat surfaces, minimalistic design, and boring linearity, they decided to bridge past and present by highlighting what has always been hidden: the structure of the kitchen itself.

Introducing dell 2
by Alex Attard
Introducing dell 3
by Alex Attard

In every dell (which means “Shadow” in Maltese) kitchen, each space is optimised to reach its full potential. They wanted their designs to look vibrant and lively, and so they enhanced the depth element by incorporating a game of shadows that reflects along the kitchen cabinets, as a result of the prominent edges that characterise the whole collection.
All the elements in their kitchens tend to lean forward, embracing the surrounding environment.

This combination of depth and shading has always been the main feature of Maltese architecture, which not only reminds us of the famous ‘Persjani’ windows with their rhythmic convergence and contrast of lights, but also recalls the shadows irradiated by the island’s heavy stone walls.

Pretty much like having a little bit of Valletta in your Kcina.

Introducing dell 4
by Vizwali

Valentino Architects truly cared about developing captivating and personalised pieces of furniture, without the typical aura of pretentiousness you would expect from a designer collection. Kitchens where everything -colour, size, features- can be tailored to reflect your individual needs, without ever losing its traditional core.

Find out more about dell, the Designer collection by Valentino Architects.

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