Dave Hosken
Showroom Manager

Dave is DARI’S showroom manager and our clients’ helping hand, who is passionate about helping you design and plan your dream home. With over 20 years of experience in Sales, he loves guiding clients and going through the different sales representative options available to ensure that they are given the best possible solution.

Moreover, Dave is involved in the other aspects of DARI, from analysing sales reports, to developing marketing strategies, to new product development and checking in on production and delivery timelines. When not at work, Dave can be found spending quality time with his family or enjoying a good film or football match.

Personalised Furniture Solutions
for your Perfect Home

The process of furniture shopping is much like buying a new car; the model you choose needs to feel comfortable, fulfil your needs and suit your lifestyle perfectly. But how often does a car come complete with all the accessories you need? Most often, you’ll discuss your options exhaustively and get advice from reliable sources before making your decision. The result won’t always be exactly the same as what you saw in the brochure, but an adaptation of your favourite model with additional features will be better suited to your requirements. Whether this means switching your two-door vehicle to a four-door one, choosing your favourite colour for your car, adding in parking sensors or opting for a sunroof, the idea is that you can tweak your purchase until you get the perfect result for you.

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