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A kitchen can be many things for different people. A place to entertain, or an area to spend time with family. For some, it can even be that sacred space where you get to enjoy cooking up a delicious, homemade meal for yourself or your loved ones. Sometimes, a kitchen can be all those things wrapped into one.

In this model, you get the best of both worlds – plenty of space to get creative with your cooking and a walkthrough pantry for extra storage. Seamlessly blending in with the other cabinets, the door gives way to a pantry where you can store your kitchen essentials, explore new ingredients, and get inspired to create.

The peninsula-style kitchen comes together with a breakfast bar connected to the main unit of the island. From here, you can enjoy a drink or a meal, or simply sit back and watch the chef do their magic.

Inspire Kitchen 3
Inspire Kitchen 5


Personalise your kitchen by choosing from a range of finishes.

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