Illuminate — the DARI
Kitchen Collection

Your kitchen, your space. The Illuminate model is designed to light up your inner world, giving you room to experiment, play, grow and relax in the kitchen.

Featuring the DARI Flow Display system, Illuminate encourages you to shed light on your style by creating a unique shelving display that is both visually appealing and functional.

The Flow Display can be tailored to your needs – with multiple building blocks available that range from metal or laminate shelves, glass holders and shelves with railings to keep items in place. Whether you’re using it to hold jars, spices, wine bottles or utensils – this space is yours to curate.

The sleek and smooth look of this contemporary model is accentuated by its gola profile and laminate finish. The breakfast bar connects with the island to achieve a seamless feel when navigating the space.

Illuminate Kitchen 4
Illuminate Kitchen 5 min 01


Personalise your kitchen by choosing from a range of finishes.

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