Salini — the Bedroom
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Inspired by the natural patterns of the Salini saltpans, the Salini bedroom is a representation of A Collective’s dedication to honesty, purity and nature. Meticulously designed using a purely architectural approach, the final collection plays with natural light and shadows to enhance your space. The Salini bedroom is available in a selection of finishes and colours, giving you the opportunity to personalise your bedroom based on your individual tastes.

Introducing A Collective

A Collective is a Malta-based architecture studio composed of a collaborative of creative and passionate individuals. Since 2014, A Collective has sought to create spatial experiences which, in turn, mould fundamental architectural parameters such as space, proportions, light and materials. This is achieved by disregarding stylistic materiality and focusing on quality. Rooted in contextual design, the studio aims to enrich the local architecture scene and enhance the quality of life of the end user.

Salini new 2

Dream of Nature

The Salini Saltpans are an archetype of the rhythm and serenity inherent to Malta’s natural landscapes, providing the inspiration for the Salini bedroom to become a space that encourages pure relaxation and flow in the way we live. With smooth edges and concealed compartments, Salini appears both light and pure while offering ample storage space throughout the room.

This designer model comprises a sleek, customisable bed, together with a sliding or hinged wardrobe, which follow the natural structure and grooves of the Salini saltpans. By cleverly utilising 3-D shapes, the Salini bedside table stores all your valuables to maintain a clean and organised exterior.


Personalise your bedroom by choosing from a range of finishes.

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