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driTT — the Living
Designer Collection

Working on the threshold between art and architecture, Tom Van Malderen brings a playful, bespoke element to a rigid and linear structure in the driTT designer collection. The collection was designed with the production process in mind, as the intricate, automated machines use advanced panel-cutting technology to minimise waste, resulting in a collection that is both simple and sophisticated.

driTT — which means ‘straight’ in Maltese — introduces the pleasure of play into the rational language of industrial production, resulting in functional sculpture, where pleasure is merged with the pragmatic. Through this creative approach to straight-cut panels, driTT presents a set of exclusive designs for tables and shelving systems that can be adapted to suit every living space and bring out one’s individual style.

Introducing Tom Van Malderen

Tom Van Malderen is a Malta-based artist and architect whose work ranges from buildings to furniture, installations, and exhibition design. He purposely layers the intersections between art, design, and architecture to have a close look at the many ways environments are being used, and more specifically, the objects resulting from that use. His projects reflect his fascination for the construction of social space, and the material gestures of everyday design.

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Enliven Your Space

The dell designer kitchen is expertly designed to enhance the natural effects created by depth, volume and contrast. Playing with the idea of ‘chiaroscuro’ — the shadows animate and punctuate the kitchens without the need for ornament or decoration. Built on principles of scalability and versatility, the kitchen cabinets featured within this collection can be adapted to fit rooms of various shapes and sizes. The design focuses on highlighting the features of the panels used throughout the kitchen. By enhancing the edges and joinery of the panels, dell celebrates the material while accentuating its structure.

By using standard unit volumes, this model features a series of components that can be configured in multiple ways while ensuring sustainability throughout the process by minimising material waste. As a result, dell appears slender and accessible in its design, presenting a neat, clear and functional layout that maximises space.

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