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Project: TV Unit

The service provided by DARI’s team in designing and producing our wall unit, the attention to detail and expertise displayed throughout the process have truly exceeded our expectations. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the professionalism and expertise of this team was evident. The design phase showcased a keen understanding of our preferences, and the final product perfectly captured the vision we had in mind. The quality of materials used and the precision in construction.  Not only did the finished wall unit blend perfectly into our living space, but it also added a touch of sophistication and functionality. Moreover, the timely completion of the project and adherence to deadlines further underscore the reliability of their services.  It has been a pleasure working with a company that values customer satisfaction and on delivering high-quality, furniture. Thank you once again for turning our vision into a reality. We highly recommend DARI for services to anyone seeking top-notch expertise and personalised design.
Shirona and Chris

The Challenge

When we met with Shirona and Chris, they presented us with a pre-determined design concept for their TV unit. Their idea included a marble installation in the centre of the design, as well as a specific lighting requirement involving individual lights for each floating shelf. This would require extensive electrical work, as electrical points would need to be provided for each light due to the specific nature of our light fittings. Instead, we came up with a more practical solution.

The Solution

To avoid the need to carry out complex electrical work, our team proposed integrating a back panel behind the floating shelves. This enabled us to connect all the lights together, so that one single light fitting could be used to illuminate all of the floating shelves simultaneously.

We also suggested that Shirona and Chris installs the marble first, in order to allow us to personalise the TV unit and develop a made-to-measure design that would fit the space seamlessly. Once the design was developed, we were able to integrate the lighting system with both the back panel and the marble installation.

The Result

In the final result, we were able to remain true to the initial design concept that Shirona and Chris desired while simplifying the technicalities behind it. We tailored the TV unit to fit around the marble installation, creating a personalised and harmonious design for her living space. By implementing the back panel, we were able to include individual light fittings without the need for several electrical points. 


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