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Project: Walk-In-Wardrobe 

“My partner and I worked with DARI to create a custom walk-in-wardrobe. Dave Hosken helped us create our dream space and optimised our area providing us with the maximum storage space combined with beautiful design. We also have nothing but praise to give to DARI when it came to their on-site inspection and measuring as well as the installation process. We are beyond happy with the quality of the result and service we received – DARI will be the top of our list if we were to embark on another project.”


The Challenge

When working within compact spaces, furniture is often kept minimal to fit the given area. This doesn’t mean that small spaces can’t contain luxurious features, however. This was our belief when Shantoine approached us to create a Walk-in-Wardrobe feature for a compact space, which features walls at varying angles. The challenge here was two-fold: 

  • Reconfiguring the walk-in-wardrobe model to fit the irregular shape of the client’s space.
  • Finding a way to deliver and install the wardrobe within a compact space.

The Floor Plan


The Solution

Personalisation is key to adapting furniture models to different spaces. In this case, the walk-in-wardrobe feature would not have been a possibility for our client unless it was produced for the space itself. So, we built a made-to-measure wardrobe by creating an on-site template of the angled walls, to ensure an exact fit! Due to the difficulties of on-site installation, DARI built the unit from within the space provided rather than delivering the final product. 

The Final Result

The results of this project show that luxury features can be accessible in all kinds of spaces. By taking a personalised approach, DARI was able to create a sense of luxury within a confined environment to elevate the existing room.


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