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Project: Home Study

‘‘We have engaged DARI with the manufacturing and delivery of our study and the service was a five star one from the start till the very end. From the word go, Josef was full with enthusiasm designing our study under the guidance of David with years of experience on the job. He made sure that the design was up to our satisfaction and helped us with choosing the right materials and colours which go with our existing interiors. Once the study had been delivered, Claude made sure that the installation was carried out meeting and exceeding our expectations. Lastly, what can we say about the furniture – quality! DARI are definitely the complete package!’’


The Challenge

A home office has become a necessity for many modern-day workers. But ensuring a comfortable working area to improve focus and productivity requires a lot of attention to detail. Our client, Lucienne, noted that her existing space was not being used effectively. She approached us with an idea to transform her space both for storage and for practical purposes. Since the space is situated at the top of a staircase and is a passageway to other rooms, it also had to look and feel welcoming. 

The project presented three challenges:

  • Reconcile the different styles that Lucienne showed us as visual inspiration. 
  • Develop a plan to use the space functionally, while creating a welcoming feel.
  • Choose finishes that match the parquet flooring.

The Floor Plan


The Solution

To begin with, we worked with the client to narrow down their inspiration pictures to find the one style that they truly loved. We then used this style to find the perfect match within the DARI living range from which we could produce made-to-measure furniture. 

The Result

The project resulted in turning the space into a cosy, practical study nook with a finish that complemented the existing wood parquet flooring. We were able to maximise the space to be used functionally, while also keeping it subtle and welcoming for guests and residents as they pass through to other rooms.


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