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Project: Walk-In-Wardrobe, Kitchen & Living Unit

We are very happy with the service and attention to detail received by the DARI team. From the design, quoting to delivery and installation (including honouring the estimated lead time) the process was smooth and seamless. We were impressed with attention to detail given by the installers who go the extra mile to ensure final product is flawless.


The Challenge

Our client Lindsey first approached us to build a kitchen and living unit for her apartment. After receiving a quotation and proceeding with her order, she decided to place another order for a walk-in wardrobe and study nook. While most of the designs were straightforward, the walk-in wardrobe presented a unique challenge. 

The main difficulty lay in designing the wardrobe, which needed to fit within a tight space. Our aim was to optimise space, while balancing the need for storage and unrestricted movement. Due to the frequent usage of the room, it was important that the wardrobe design was both practical and comfortable.

The Floor Plan

Russell Bonnici Floor Plan

The Solution

Our approach involved implementing detailed design strategies, focusing on maximising storage capacity while maintaining enough space for movement within the narrow walk-in wardrobe. We were able to personalise the furniture dimensions to provide ample space for organised clothing storage. We also placed furniture units behind the wardrobe door in order to optimise space efficiency without compromising the accessibility of the room.

The Result

The final wardrobe design resulted in an organised, accessible and comfortable space where Lindsey could store all of her and her partner’s clothes. By using all space within the allocated area, we were able to include furniture units behind the wardrobe doors, in order to avoid obstructing the passageway. In addition to the wardrobe and study nook, we ensured that the kitchen and TV unit from Lindsey’s earlier order were all made, delivered, and set up together in order to make things easier and quicker for our client.
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