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Project: Kitchen

“We are so glad we chose DARI for our kitchen. All I knew was that I wanted my kitchen to be black, I had no idea about the rest. When we entered the showroom, we were welcomed and treated very nicely. There were two kitchens from the showroom that I already liked. There was one with a design I liked, but I knew I wanted the colour black, and another that was black with wood, and I liked it. 

To fulfil my wishes, our sales and design consultant Josef helped us and came up with an amazing design that combined both the kitchen designs I wanted, black wood, matt and with a quartz top. When we got the estimate, I was even more delighted. Our kitchen is very spacious, and we were able to fit everything I wanted and more. 

After the kitchen was fitted (which was very quick by the way), we had a problem with a handle, I called them, and they came immediately to fix it. 

DARI’s reliability and responsiveness were something I appreciated. The staff was extremely professional, helpful, and friendly and I would recommend DARI to anyone. I would definitely choose them again.” 


The Challenge

For many of us, kitchens are the heart of our homes. So, when Julia approached us to help her develop a personalised kitchen for her space, we knew it was important to listen to her priorities. Julia wanted her kitchen to be black and to feature an island concept so that she could host guests in the living room next to the kitchen. We found this a challenge for two reasons:

  • The kitchen area in the client’s home was elongated, leaving limited space for an island.
  • The area lacked natural light, so using a dark colour was a concern. 

The Floor Plan

Julia Aleo Floor Plan

The Solution

To ensure that we cover all the possibilities, we began a process of ‘elimination’. We created numerous kitchen layouts to see what could work for Julia from a functional and aesthetic perspective. The options were then filtered carefully, keeping in mind the client’s requirements such as the appliances, islands concept and colour scheme.

The Result

Although the space didn’t have much natural light, we still made it possible to have a black theme by opting for a light countertop and white walls to complement the dark kitchen. Instead of an island, however, the client chose a peninsula-style kitchen which was suggested as one of the layout options. The result was a contemporary and spacious kitchen and a very happy client! By maximising the kitchen space, Julia can now easily host guests without compromising on having a good working space in the kitchen itself. 


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